Are you ready to learn to sew?


  • But sewing garments intimidates you?

  • Sewing patterns confuse the life out of you? 

  • Do sewing pattern instructions cause you to waste time and energy?

Are you just tired of feeling frustrated and alone?

If this sounds like you, then hallelujah! You have found your sewing tribe. Sewing should empower you and the skills you learn should be setting you up for sewing success.


What you won't find at Miss Retro Rachael:

     Outdated, inefficient sewing techniques.

What you will find:

  • How to sew the smart, efficient way so you produce more in a shorter amount of time.  

  • In-depth sewing tutorials, courses, and patterns.

  • How to sew garments that fit you and make you feel good. 

  • You will learn how sewing can have a body positive impact on your life.

  • A tribe of like minded sewists and all the support you will need on your sewing journey.


I don't teach you something just because: it's the way it's always been done. Or, that's how my mom taught me. This is not your mom's sewing.

My methods definitely ruffle feathers because I usually go against old school, home sewing pattern instructions. Home sewing instruction has barely changed since the advent of the first home sewing pattern being released well over a hundred years ago. These unchallenged instructions are what have been passed down without any investigation into more effective, innovative techniques. I have found better ways to sew based on research into garment industry techniques and just thinking outside the box. 

Just because something works doesn't mean it can't be improved!

That is what is so awesome about sewing or any hobby, there is so much room for growth and experimentation! I may be a sewing rebel, but my methods are tested and they work. You will see better, faster, more consistent results in your sewing.

Join me and become a sewing rebel!  Connect with your tribe here.

Learn modern, innovative sewing techniques while maintaining that vintage vibe and aesthetic.

My promise to you is to not only teach you faster, smarter techniques, but explain to you the why behind them. 

Sew, what are you waiting for?

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Who is Miss Retro Rachael?

My name is Rachael and one night back in about 2012 or so, I got a liiitle bit drunk and accidentally ordered a sewing machine on Amazon Prime. (Friends don't let friends drink and Prime...) It showed up two days later, and I was like, what the hell is this? And well, the rest is history. So began my sewing journey. I fell in love with the vintage style because I love how learning to sew for yourself can transform your life and your body positivity. I created Miss Retro Rachael because my passion is teaching and inspiring other women to unleash their inner creative. Despite attending college back in the day, (I never finished, life got in the way) I am a self-taught seamstress. That means, if I can do it, so can you! 

I live in Kansas City with my partner in crime and our blended zoo (I mean family) and our cat named Mr. Cat. I live on coffee and have a serious Pringles problem (No, I don't want to know how they are made). I really like parentheses and I am an unashamed hobby hoarder and avid birder. I'm on my own with the birds though...


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